Grant Ashby

Grant is a Director of Sydney Cove Property. Although starting his professional career in the corporate world, Grant feels there is no better job than real estate here in the city.
Grant's strong analytical approach, passion for property and desired leadership skills have provided the framework in establishing Sydney Cove Property as a lead agency within the City.
He brings a personable approach to the business and he uses his experience, knowledge and ability to set clear objectives to help achieve his client’s goals.

TENANT (HIGHGATE - 127 Kent Street, Sydney)

We were both very impressed with your portfolio as well as with the fact that you work about 2-3 times as hard as all the other agents we've seen!

TENANT (PORTICO – 2 York Street, Sydney)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and support during my time at 2 York Street. I have found you to be responsive and helpful dealing with any issues or requests quickly and efficiently.

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